Alpha is an international course started a number of years ago to introduce people to Christianity in a non-threatening way.  It is now being used in over 150 countries worldwide – in churches, prisons, the Forces, the workplace and with young people.

Here at Bethel – London’s Riverside Church, we run Alpha courses two and sometimes three times a year.  A Youth Alpha Course also runs from time to time both here in the church and in local schools.

The format for Alpha is designed to help people feel relaxed so we begin with a meal, followed by a talk and then opportunity for discussion in small groups.

Over the past 12 years that we have run Alpha continuously literally hundreds of people of all ages and all backgrounds have attended and many have had their lives changed as a result of listening to the claims of Jesus Christ.

The following are some recent quotes from those who have attended the Alpha Course:

“Since listening to the teaching in Alpha and finding Jesus as my Saviour I’ve learnt to laugh again!”

“Last week at Alpha I learnt for the first time that Jesus was actually a human being, albeit a pretty special one and I can relate to him!”

“After the teaching tonight we have loads to go home and discuss”.

“This is a place where I can ask the questions I’ve always wanted to ask”.