Apex Youth 

Youth Ministry has been a vital part in the life of Bethel - London’s Riverside church from it’s start. We are passionate about seeing a generation of young people finding Jesus, growing in their relationship with Him and going on to make a difference in the world. Our youth group is called Apex as we want young people to aim high and achieve all the God wants them to.

Our vision statement for Apex is:

“To reach disciple and release young people into their God-given destiny.”

Some of our aims for Apex are:

- To see young people from our community coming into relationship with Jesus.

- To disciple young people who have made a commitment to follow Jesus, helping them to read and understand their bibles and communicate with Jesus on a regular basis.

- To create a positive environment for young people to come on a Friday night where they feel safe.

- To offer support and advice to young people.

- To inspire young people to achieve high and make a dif-ference in the world.

- To help young people get planted into the life of the church. To raise up a generation of young leaders who will influence those around them in a positive way for Jesus.


You can connect with Apex in the following ways:

Facebook: Apex Dagenham
Twitter: @apex_youth
Instagram: apexyouthdagenham