Tenacious Kidz on Sunday 

If you are looking for a high-energy fun-filled, God-soaked kid’s programme, then you are in the right place!

Tenacious Kidz is for children from Reception to Year 6 and runs every Sunday morning in conjunction with our adult meetings in the main auditorium. Registration opens at 8:30am for the 8:45am service, 10:15am for the 10:30am service and 12:00pm for the 12:15pm service and this is where the fun begins!

As the kids arrive they enter The Fun Zone which hosts a number of different activities including football tournaments, crazy crafts, face painting, games console tournaments on a big screen and much, much more!

After registration closes at 9:05am, 10:50am or 12:35pm depending on which service you attend, we begin our main programme which consists of dance, drama, seriously wacky team games, storytelling, creative Bible teaching, group activities where the focus is on applying the week’s lesson and praise!  It’s an action-packed programme!

In addition to Sunday mornings, Tenacious kidz meet on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm for World Changers, our kids’ prayer programme.  During this time the children learn about different aspects of prayer.  For example, how to pray and the power of prayer.  They then put what they have learnt into practice – boy can kids pray!  World Changers is always an incredibly faith-filled place to be and since running we have seen a tangible difference in the way our children pray – how very exciting!

Throughout the year there are also numerous other activities hosted by Tenacious Kidz.  These include boys’ and girls’ sleepovers, day trips, and our week away in the summer holidays called Tenacious Goes Wild. Tenacious most certainly isn’t just about Sunday!