Moving over from Tenacious Kidz into main church come sometimes be a little daunting for our young people. In the past we have done some teaching to help make this transition smooth. Unfortunately due to space restrictions, we are unable to do this at the moment. Our hope would be to bring this back when our new building is up. We do, however, feel that integrating our young people into the life of church is vitally important. We see church as a family and so want to make sure that our young people are worshipping and serving alongside people of all ages. In order to do this we encourage our young people to get involved on a Sunday by serving in a particular area. Our route to doing this, is for young people to join our course called Planted which is written to help disciple and challenge our young people in their relationship with God as well as how they serve. This course runs once a month on a Sunday after 2nd service and lasts for 6 months.

To join planted or find out more information contact Hannah, download an application form or pick one up from the church foyer.

Work Experience

We offer work experience for young people in year 10/11 at school. If your son/daughter attends school in Barking and Dagenham we are on the trident work experience list, so young people can sign up for us through the school. For those who attend school out of borough, young people can bring a form to us to complete for them to take work experience with us.

What does Work Experience include at Apex Youth?

- Administrative work such as filing, photocopying, entering data into the computer etc.
- Art work for Apex or Tenacious Kidz - possibly making banners for youth events and design on the computer.
- Set up for Apex Youth Club on a Friday. Shopping for supplies for Apex.
- Helping to prepare school lessons.
- Assisting in school lessons and assemblies.
- Attending the staff meetings at Apex Youth.
- Helping at our youth club.
- Helping at our kids after school project

Working at Apex Youth is a fun environment where you will learn how youth work runs. You will get a full experience of a youth worker during the 2 weeks you will be with us gaining an overview of the work undertaken by Apex Youth and how is benefits the community.

Leadership Development

We are passionate about raising the next generation of young people to lead in our youth group, our church and in whatever setting they should find themselves in, in the future. We believe it is vital to raise leaders who are primarily passionate about Jesus. We do all we can to encourage this through the programmes that we do.


Our potential leaders course starts in September every year. Young people have to apply to be part of this. We take this course seriously and so ask our young people to fill in an application form. The course involves 2 lots of training each year in September and January. It is vital that young people attend these training nights which run on Thursday evenings. Our potential leaders are expected to be serving every Friday at Apex in Apex Youngers and serving in a department in the church on a Sunday. Each of our potential leaders are assigned a mentor who they meet with once a month. The role of the mentor is to encourage them spiritually and to challenge them in the leadership journey.
We have a number of young people who regularly give their time to go into local secondary schools to work alongside and support the teaching staff. Our team present RE and Civics lessons linked to the curriculum programme, take assemblies, run workshops and offer an Apex representative who has all the main details about Apex.  

Young Lions Leadership Course

Young Lions is a boot camp style leadership course that we send out young leaders to. They get to mix with other young leaders around the country as well as be challenged in their leadership.
Young Lions runs over 3 years for a weekend each year. Our young people are put into groups with young people from around the country with a coach who is a youth worker. This coach watches them and gives advice throughout the weekend. At the end of the weekend they write a report on them which gets sent to their youth pastor and pastor.
Young Lions has always greatly benefited the young people we send.

You can find out more information about Young lions on their website