“Instructing, Initiating and inspiring every age to fulfil the Great  Commission”.

We at Bethel – London’s Riverside Church are conscious that people in the West live a cocooned society, where the great need of people groups around the world are perhaps reported by the media but the full impact of those needs are left for ‘other people to respond to.’ It has always been our heart to mobilise people to serve in missions ventures personally as we believe that by so doing, people’s hearts are changed, and a far greater understanding of what Jesus meant by ‘going into all the world’ is communicated to our people.

To this end, Mission has been a high priority in our planning and strategy. Every two years, we hold our 20/20 Missions Festival to, inspire and motivate our congregation into Mission, and then to challenge people to serve on a team in some part of the world.

Currently, we have targeted four main areas where, working in partnership with local missions’ organisations, we have sought to bring tangible, practical input to local communities in Europe, South America and Africa.

Bethel – London’s Riverside Church has sent people into these parts of the world to assist with local community projects, encourage workers that are serving long term in the area, and to share the reason for and hope of our faith in Jesus Christ.

Matthew 9:37 says “the harvest is truly plentiful” and we are actively working towards sending more and more people from our church to reap that harvest.  Additionally, we are committing financial support to people serving the Lord long term in other countries around the world.

To find out more about the countries and people that we are working with, feel free to browse the pages in menu to your left.