The Apprenticeship 

An apprentice is someone who is learning from a skilled person of a particular trade. The Apprenticeship course is designed as an intensive ministry training programme.

The course is brilliant for those who are looking for training in youth & children’s, evangelism and church ministry. Combining both personal development and training, it allows the opportunity to spread the good news of Jesus.
When we get ourselves into a position where we are totally, completely and utterly dependent on God, we allow Him to take charge and as a result we grow in ourrelationship and understanding of whom God is. Adopting the mindset that God’s way is better than our way and that He alone knows what is best for us, introduces us to faith in Him and His word. We want to be a generation of Jesus followers that is dependent on God showing, teaching and leading us into His will for our lives, our community and our church.
One of the amazing things about the course is that the skills gained will build you not just for serviing Jesus in the local church environment, but can also assist you in the career you decide to embark on.

We are passionately committed to give you:

- A year full of challenges, excitement and achivement
- Opportunities for growth, inspiration and development
- Teaching of the highest quality: in a wide array of topics
- Exposure to numerous applicable experiences
- Chances to experience different cultures
- Support through mentorship and pastoral care
- An experience that is enriching & rewarding